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Consulting Services

Cutting Edge Solutions LLC offers creative business development services to help its Clients take new concepts from ideas through the laboratory process into manufacturing and out to the marketplace.

The business of innovation is expensive and finding money and strategic partners is critical to success.
We assist each client gain a better understanding of the issues affecting their long-term technology strategies and needs.
CES has the expertise needed to take ideas from conception through the R&D process and into commercialization.
CES has 30 years of experience solving gas distribution problems
Business Development

The commercialization of new technology is more than a great idea reduced to practice. Smart business dictates that taking an idea from the laboratory to the marketplace must be accompanied by a parallel effort to gauge the ability of that marketplace to respond. Change is brought about by regulation, demand and financial gain. The capital investment in innovation is always tempered by the realities of the marketplace, and how these realties are perceived by the investment community. CES will perform your due diligence studies including:

 Market Evaluations
 Alternative Solutions/Competitive Product(s) Assessment
 Return on Investment Analysis
 Manufacturing Requirements